Frequently asked questions

How do I use VIVE and know how much to take?

Simply place the VIVE mint or mints under your tongue and enjoy the flavor as it dissolves. Dosing is a personal decision. Each bottle will tell you how much is in each mint. You can adjust your dose as you see fit. You are in control of your experience.

Does VIVE contain a lot of calories?

No, VIVE is sweetened naturally and extremely low calorie. Less then 1 calorie per mint.

Is VIVE all natural?

Yes, we pride ourselves on everything that goes into our products. All our products are organic, vegan, and gluten-free.

Can I mix and match VIVE flavors?

Of course you can! Our products allow you to control your experience and dosing. One of our favorites combos is GINGER PEACH and TANGELO for an evening out and about. If you’re in more of a chill on the couch mood, try mixing GINGER PEACH with PINEAPPLE PASSIONFRUIT. Pay attention to the dosing instructions and find what works best for you. Remember to allow time for what you consume to take effect before you go in for another round.